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The Customised Employment + NDIS Employment Supports Information Session


Introducing Diversity Blueprint's FREE

Customised Employment + NDIS Employment Supports Workshop

This workshop is an information session designed to increase your understanding of the types of employment and pathway supports available inside and outside the NDIS and to help parents / participants / school staff / support coordinators / support workers plan and prepare better to discuss employment support options for their son / daughter / students / clients during and after school with a LAC or NDIS Planner.

By Attending the Customised

You will Learn over 90 minutes....

Discovery Process Strategy

In this workshop, you learn:

Customised Employment Approach

We understand that every individual is unique. Hence, we tailor jobs, self-employment to fit the skills, interests and strengths while meeting the needs of the business.

Micro Business Start Up

Our coaching will help identify your teen or client’s target audience, purpose and values with clarity. Your teen or client will also learn effective strategies to promote and establish their own personal brand.

Ready to go?

Learning Support Expert

Bridget has over two decades of experience teaching teens from diverse backgrounds in Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Australia. As a learning support coordinator for over 13 years, she has specialised in supporting teens with learning difficulties and understands well how she can help them achieve their personalised goals.


What Makes Our Training Unique?

We strive to maintain a flexible approach and believe that family involvement, strong community partnerships and adequate resourcing will ensure success!

At Diversity Blueprint, we believe that all individuals have unique abilities and gifts that can be tapped into. Our 7-step process of Discovery is the foundation upon which all customisation of employment rests. In discovery, information is gathered about an individual's interests, strengths, the types of supports that are most effective, the skills the individual has, and the types of environments and activities where this person is at his/her best.

Our program delivery is done through individual, on-site or off-site support. We engage all stakeholders and participants to understand and implement set goals using the right support while creating a sense of belonging.

Our goal is to equip teens with essential life skills to cope with transitioning to life after structured high school by building connections, challenge thinking and making a mark in their own way.

Tailored Solutions

We offer a broad range of individualised supports, tailored to the unique needs and interests of each NDIS Participant.


Using the Customised Employment Approach, we match your unique interests, strengths and goals which will enable you to gain meaningful employment of your choice to assist in your capacity building.

Flexible Support

We adapt the way that we deliver supports, which can be offered one-on-one, in a group or a combination of both.

We adapt the way that we deliver supports, which can be offered one-on-one
in a group or a combination of both.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying

Rangarirai Zhou
Rangarirai Zhou
Read More
My daughter attended a recent session and thoroughlye joyed it. Great strategies were shared that she will work on. I highly recommend the workshops.
Tsitsi Mushawa
Tsitsi Mushawa
Read More
I attended a ladies’ conference where Bridget was a keynote speaker. The information she shared was very practical and user friendly.
Ranga M
Ranga M
Read More
Diversity Blueprint is where every high achieving teenager should be . There’s so much to learn that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.
Persis Shroff
Persis Shroff
Read More
Enjoyed the workshop and particularly the case testimonials of the success sotires which gave inspiration to continue working with the customised employment approach. Ability is what counts and every participant has some capacity we just need to explore it.
Tin Yan Tse
Tin Yan Tse
Read More
I would love to learn more how therapists can work hand in hand with employment service providers to achieve better outcomes with clients.
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze
Read More
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team. My daughter had an amazing time and learnt more than she could have imagined. She has met new friends and is able to step out of her comfort zone to try the strategies learnt. I highly recommend these workshops.
Read More
It was such an amazing event. The workshop was very insightful and interactive. Helped me to look at my values and the concept of growth mindset

By the end of the program
your teens will learn:


Frequently Asked Questions

Parents / participants / school staff / support coordinators / support
workers plan LAC or NDIS Planner.

90 minutes presentation +
30 minutes Question-and-Answer session.

Diversity Blueprint has capacity to take clients that require employment
supports. Book a FREE strategy call where we work out your needs to
ensure we are the best fit for you and vice versa.

Diversity Blueprint will run sessions South of the River and North of the River. Dates will be announced in advance, prior to the sessions via our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn pages and our website.

Dates and times for our online sessions will be advised via our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn pages and our website.

This support can be supplied to any working age participant, including students reaching working age with an employment goal.

To receive NDIS Employment Support funding, individuals will need to have approval in a current NDIS plan, which is available for up to two years. Youth Employment Assistance funding is available to Year 12 and young people up to the age of 22 with an employment goal to assist them with their transition from school to the world of work.

NDIS Core Supports – Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation; Capacity Building (CB) Finding and Keeping a Job funding.

  • Supports in Employment
  • Workplace assistance
    • This support item provides workplace assistance that enables a participant to successfully obtain or retain employment in the open or supported labour market. This support can be supplied to any working age participant (including students reaching working age) with an employment goal.
    • This may include supports to: explore what work would mean for them (discovery), specialised job customisation.
  • SLES (Youth Employment Assistance)
  • One of our presenters is Bridget, founder, Lead Employment Mentor and CEO of Diversity Blueprint
  • Our main presenter will be Mr Gaelen Williams. He is a Project Manager –
    Employment (Community Development Team) at APM. Advanced
    Personnel Management (APM) started offering rehabilitation services in Perth, to get injured employees back to work more than 25 years ago and
    has grown to become the world’s largest human services provider.

We encourage parents or Support Coordinators to bring any teens or
young adults to the event. However, children under the age of 15 are
unable to attend at this stage.